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Track 14: Project Management Outsourcing and IS Development

  • Track Chairs
    Jens Dibbern
    University of Bern
    Jae-Nam Lee
    Korea University Business School
    Juhani Iivari
    University of Oulu
  • Track Description

    Economic conditions demand that Information Systems (IS) deliver ever more business value. Developing IS efficiently and effectively has therefore become a necessity for organisations. In order to cope with this necessity three interrelated themes are essential. First, it is essential to choose and apply the right IS development procedures and methods. Second, as most of today's IS endeavours are organized in the form of projects the management of these projects has become increasing important, e.g. for ensuring that budgets are hold, timelines are met, and high IS quality is reached. Third, in coping with increasing IS complexity, pressure to reduce costs, and the need to generate greater business value from IS, organizations are increasingly seeking help from external service providers; thus making the right sourcing decision and managing outsourcing arrangements effectively has become essential.

    The track focuses on various research issues not only in project management, outsourcing and IS development themselves but also in the nexus of these topics such as project management for outsourcing, outsourcing of project management, outsourcing of IS development and their interrelatedness. Quantitative, qualitative and design science contributions are equally welcome.

    The research topics of the papers submitted to this track might relate to some of the issues, addressing (but not limited to) the following areas:

    Issues for IT project management

    • All aspects of project management standards, processes, methodologies, tools, and metrics
    • Organizational project management competence and maturity
    • Virtual and distributed project management
    • Impact of regulation compliance on IT project management (e.g., Basel II, SOX)
    • Knowledge management in IT project management
    • Project governance and control structures
    • Project portfolio management
    • Project complexity and risk management
    • Leadership, power and politics in IT program management
    • Innovation and creativity of project managers
    • New and innovative trends and approaches to IT project management

    Issues for IT outsourcing

    • All aspects of offshoring, nearshoring, rural sourcing and multi-sourcing
    • IT capability development: insourcing, outsourcing, and backsourcing
    • Knowledge creation, acquisition, sharing, and loss in IT outsourcing
    • Impact of outsourcing at individual, firm, and national levels
    • Structuring IT outsourcing arrangements
    • Governance and control of IT outsourcing arrangements
    • IT outsourcing in global supply chain management
    • Impact of service-oriented architectures on IT outsourcing
    • IT outsourcing-enabled business transformation and new interorganizational forms
    • Different approaches in outsourcing: total vs selective, single vs multiple vendors, short- vs long-term, contract vs partnership-based, on-site vs off- site, etc.
    • IT-enabled outsourcing arrangements, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    • Outsourcing of IT-intensive business processes
    • IT-supported collaboration and coordination in IT-outsourcing arrangements
    • Partnership arrangements in the IT industry

    Issues for IS development

    • IS design and development in practice
    • Improvisation, tinkering, and emergence in IS development
    • IS design and development methods, approaches and frameworks
    • Business systems analysis and design
    • Data and information systems modeling
    • Enterprise modeling and architectures
    • Agile and high-speed systems development
    • Standard/application package-based IS development
    • Component-based process for IS development
    • Service-oriented design of information systems
    • Model-driven engineering in IS development
    • Managing IS development
    • IS quality management and assurance
    • IS standards and compliance issues
    • Risk management in IS development and management
  • Associate Editors

    • Jahyun Goo, Florida Atlantic University, USA
    • Yurong Chrisy Yao, Suffolk University, USA
    • Hee-Woong Kim, Yonsei University, Korea
    • Benoit Aubert, HEC Montreal, Canada
    • Minh Huynh, Southeastern Louisiana University, USA
    • Ron Kwok, City University of Hong Kong, China
    • Rui Huang, Binghamton University, USA
    • Kunsoo Han, McGill University, Canada
    • Gwanhoo Lee, American University, USA
    • Cheng Suang Heng, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    • Daniel Beimborn, University of Bamberg, Germany
    • Gerhard Schwabe, University of Zürich, Switzerland
    • Jungpil Hahn, Purdue University, USA
    • Sunil Mithas, University of Maryland, USA
    • Armin Heinzl, University of Mannheim, Germany
    • Roman Beck, Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    • Kate Kaiser, Marquette University, USA
    • Likoebe M. Maruping, University of Louisville, USA
    • Dennis Kundisch, University of Paderborn, Germany
    • Oliver Baumann, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
    • Rikard Lindgren, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
    • Tero Päivärinta, University of Agder, Norway
    • Sandeep Purao, Penn State University, USA
    • Jan Recker, Queensland University of Technology, New Zealand
    • Rens Scheepers, University of Melbourne, Australia
    • Maha Shaikh, London School of Economics, UK
    • Klaus Turowski, University of Augsburg, Germany
    • Tuure Tuunanen, University of Oulu, Finland
    • Joao Alvaro Carvalho, Universidade do Minho, Portugal

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